Environmental Policy

By accepting the Environmental Policy, SLOVMAG, a. s. Lubeník confirms it's decision to do the maximum for reducing the negative impact of production on environment.

To preserve environment, to create and continually improve safe and healthy working conditions - these are the very important priorities of the Company. Aware of the environmental liability, we want to participate in improving and preserving good life conditions not only for present but also for the future generation as well.

All employees including persons working in organization or for organization must accept the environmental principles and respect environmental policy of SLOVMAG, a. s. Lubeník

Certification EMS

Environmental protection, creating safe and healthy working conditions for employees including air pollution prevention are the highest priorities of the Company.

In 2003 as a result of successful audit of environmental management system – SLOVMAG, a. s. Lubeník obtained Certificate ISO 14001. It confirms that company activities are in accordance with European environmental standards. After re-certificate audit this certificate validity is prolonged until 30. June 2027.